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   Ahi Tuna

Caught in pristine waters, these fish are graded for quality and processed with filtered wood smoke. Only the finest are chosen for the Jana Worldwide Ahi Tuna Program. Perfect for food service and retail applications, operators will enjoy a variety of cuts and sizes with unrivaled value. Jana Worldwide brings you the best of both worlds. The appearance and taste of fresh. The safety & convenience of frozen. We bring you the very best of the South Pacific.
Ahi Tuna-Prime Cut Fillets
Prime Cut Fillets (Saku)

Simply speaking, this is the finest part of the fish. Cut from the eye of the loin. This superior graded fish is ideal for Sashimi and Sushi rolls.

Packed 2 x 11 lb.
Ahi Tuna-Loins

Now the food service trade can allow chefs to custom cut steaks and other forms to their exacting specifications. Available in 5-12 lb. and 3-6 lb. Your customers will love the look and performance.

Packed 1 x 30 lb.
Ahi Tuna-Steaks
2, 4, 8 and 10 oz.

All the benefits, plus perfect portion control are available in 4, 6, 8 and 10 ounces for food service. Retailers will enjoy flexibility in case set-up. Your customers will love to see that fresh Ahi color, until now only available with fresh tuna. Why settle for brown tuna?

Packed 1 x 10 lb.
Ahi Tuna-Poke

Uniform cuts allow chefs to replicate the famous Poke Salad of the Hawaiian Islands.

Packed 22 x 1 lb.
Ahi Tuna-Cubes

Perfect for stir-fry and kabobs. Random cut pieces offer quality and value.

Packed 22 x 1 lb.
Ahi Tuna-Ground

The same quality as our other cuts but in a ground up format. Perfect for spicy tuna rolls, as well as for top quality tuna burgers.

Packed 22 x 1 lb.

Product of the Philippines

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